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5 Tips Before Buying a Travel Trailer

5 Tips Before Buying a Travel Trailer

If you love camping or taking road trips, there is a possibility you have considered buying a travel trailer. Not only does it give you the ability to travel long distances, but you also do not have to stop over and book a hotel for the night.

You can drive for as long as you want to, and you can spend the night wherever you want, viewing all the beautiful sceneries around you. Just like when buying a car, there are some things you should consider before buying your travel trailer, whether new or used.

1. Size

Determine the perfect size for you. One of the main things you should consider before settling on the size is if your current vehicle can tow the travel trailer. Buying a very big travel trailer will mean that you have to buy another tow vehicle, which could outrun your budget.

One of the hardest things in travel trailers is fitting everything in it and ensuring that it remains organized. Therefore, ensure that the space inside your travel trailer is enough for you to fit in everything and remain neat.

Also, ensure that the floor space is enough for a kitchen space, bathroom space, and your bed. You also have to determine the number of people you will be bringing on board and determine what space will fit them all comfortably.

2. Storage

After determining if the floor space will be enough for your things and needed spaces, you have to ensure that the trailer has enough space for you to store everything that you need. That spans from your utensils, clothes, and food.

Also, since travel trailers are mainly used to travel to places that involve engaging in outdoor activities, ensure there is space for any of the things you may need like tents and bicycles.

3. Damages

If you are buying a used travel trailer, you have to ensure there are no major damages that will limit its performance. Check for both aesthetic and functional damages. Start by looking at the inside of the trailer.

Look at the walls and see if there are any scratches or dents. Also, ensure that the windows are in great shape. Walk the floor barefoot and check if there are any visible damages on it, and ensure that you check even in the corners.

Open all the cabinets and any other structures built in the trailer to ensure they are all perfect. On the outside, look for any scratches or dents, check the front towing capacity, rear bumper, tires, axels, and breaks, and ensure they are in the best shape.

Also, check any electrical connections, the insulation, water system, and any other connections to see if they are in perfect shape.

To ensure that it is in perfect shape, have a mechanic inspect it before you take it off the seller’s hands.

4. Travel trailer class

Travel trailers come in different classes, each with different weights, sizes, and features. Choose a travel trailer class that will be good for your needs. Don’t go for a trailer class that is too heavy; otherwise, it will be hard for your car to tow.

When considering the weight, you have to factor in the weight of the items you will add to the trailer. Also, look at where you will be traveling to and determine what features and properties will be the best.

If you are traveling off-road a lot, go for a trailer specialized for off-road driving.

5. Drainage system

Even when buying a home, drainage systems are one of the things that people look at. Since your travel trailer will be your home on wheels whenever you decide to take a long trip, you must ensure that the drainage system is working perfectly.

It can be very frustrating when you use water and later find out that the drainage system is blocked or has leaks. Determine the type of drainage system since that helps you know how often you will deal with blockages.

Drainage systems with twists and turns experience more blockages than one that flows directly to the waste tanks. Check for leaks and the whole drainage system by turning on the water and tracking it to the end.

Whether you are buying your travel trailer from an individual or a dealer, ask about the warranty in case it breaks down a few days after taking it home. That not only assures you that any unexplained damages will be taken care of, but it also helps you identify legit and genuine sellers.

Sellers who do not issue warranties are mostly shady. Before buying the trailer, you can also rent it for a few days or weeks to see how well it performs and how perfectly it meets your personal and travel needs.

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