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Basics of Truck Campers

Basics of Truck Campers

You’re probably in the midst of contemplating the purchase of a truck camper. If you haven’t owned one before, then you’re probably interested in learning more about what a trunk camper is and what some of their details are all about. There are a lot of benefits that come with investing in a truck camper, as long as you know how to properly maintain and utilize one.

What are Truck Campers?

A truck camper is similar to RVs and campers in that you can sleep inside of them when you’re traveling. However, that’s where the similarities end. A truck camper actually slides onto the bed of your truck. You don’t have to obtain a separate license plate for it or pay registration. Think of it like a backpack that you’ve attached to the bed of your truck. Many of the same features are present as a motorhome. You’ll have a bed area over the cab, and a small kitchen area may also be included. The amount of features that you have will be determined by the size of the truck that you’re working with, along with the size of the camper that you’ve chosen

Truck Camper Capacity

The inside of a truck camper will be approximately 8 to 22 feet long. They generally are constructed in a very universal size that will fit most trucks that are currently being manufactured. The majority of truck campers are designed with two people in mind. Or, you can take on road yourself with plenty of space to stretch out at the end of a long day. If you choose an expandable camper, you can sometimes pop out the sides to gain almost 7 extra feet in width. In the largest area, you may be able to stand comfortably inside

Truck Camper Sizes

Your average truck camper is going to weigh somewhere around 2,600 pounds. Of course, this number will vary from camper to camper. The weight can also be affected by having a hard side versus a pop up side. The size of your camper will be the width of your truck, and you can pop out the sides in certain models for extra space while you’re parked.

Types of Truck Campers

The two main types of truck campers that are on the market include hard side truck campers and pop out side campers. The hard side version has completely fixed sides and roof. You won’t be able to expand the interior when parked, so make sure that you have enough space that you feel comfortable. There are also pop out side campers that will expand when you’re parked. These are ideal if you feel that you need a good amount of space and will be doing a lot of traveling. If you know someone that has a truck camper, you can talk to them about what they have. You may also be bound to what kind of vehicle you have. The size of truck that you have will only be able to hold a certain amount of weight, and a pop out camper just may not work if you’re not open to investing in a new truck.

Can You Use Your Camper Off of Your Truck?

Most truck campers can be used off of your truck whenever needed. The only issue is, moving them on and off your truck repeatedly can end up damaging your jack connections. It’s a good idea to come up with your best scenario and stick with it. Be prepared, when you have your camper off of the truck and are inside of it, you may find that it’s a bit wobbly as you’re moving around. There is a camper stabilization unit that you can purchase separately which will help keep your camper more steady while it’s off of your truck. Even if you’re not going to be camping with your camper off the truck, it’s a good item to use when you’re simply storing your camper on your property in between uses

We hope that we’ve made it easier for you to make the decision to invest in a truck camper. As long as you have the right vehicle, you’ll be able to enjoy your travels with your camper for years to come. Don’t be afraid to take your time researching truck campers. The more research that you put in, the easier time you’ll have when it comes to picking something out.

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