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Most Expensive Caravans Sold

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  • February 12, 2021
Most Expensive Caravans Sold

Caravans are popular vehicles because of their comfortable interiors and how convenient they are to use while you’re traveling on the go. There are a variety of price points of caravans to accommodate every type of budget. When you’re browsing different options available, it’s always a good idea to get the full range of choices available – here are some of the most expensive in the world due to their upscale features and sleek styles.

Volkner Mobil

This caravan is unique because it allows drivers to take their vehicle with them with a separate compartment where the car can be parked in the caravan. It also features a five-star luxury room that looks like you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel.

Many of the gold embellishments and upholstered surfaces make it feel like anything but a caravan when you want to feel pampered.

Tabbert Cellini 750 HTD 2.5 Slide Out

The Tabbert Cellini 750 HTD 2.5 Slide Out is 33 feet long and offers a high level of comfort, as well as an upscale and sleek style that makes it hard to miss on the road. This caravan slides out to create a spacious interior setting with high-end materials in every direction. The kitchen features a three-burner stove, and buyers can even upgrade to an optional in-built induction cooktop. The spacious refrigerator and open shelves also create an accommodating setting where it’s easy to cook and prep food.

Spectrum RV 36ft Emerald Coast

The Spectrum RV 36ft Emerald Coast is larger than most caravans you’ll find on the road and features a total of three large slide-outs to offer more than enough room for different types of trips. It comes with a turbo showerhead, quick-change cabinet fascias, and a turbo showerhead. It measures 36 feet and feels more like a modern apartment than it does a caravan.

Inside, you’ll find a fireplace, flatscreen TV, and leather seats. Ambient light adds a cozy touch and contributes to the warmth of the setting. A four-person dining table is also present to make it easy to enjoy a meal indoors. The high ceilings also prevent it from feeling cramped or claustrophobic.

Starliner by Mauer SL 20 Desert Falcon

This caravan is more compact than other luxury models available in the industry and has a unique look that makes it similar to a motorhome. The Starliner is extremely luxurious in the cabin and is constructed with a fiberglass mono-shell. A dinette is available behind the driver cab and offers more than enough space where multiple people can dine. A central cabin and kitchenette areas allow it to feel like a home away from home.

Kimberley Kruiser T3

With a price tag of $175,000, this caravan stands out for its frameless windows, cinema seats, and internet connectivity to ensure you can remain productive while you’re spending time on the open road. This model is easy to operate and use because of its state-of-the-art touchscreen integration. It also features luxurious amenities that include a ‘V-berth’ automatic recliner bed to ensure you feel fully at ease and comfortable.

Consumers can appreciate the built-in wine cooler, twin AC units, power systems, and a healthy payload. The caravan comes with 10 solar panels of 1,400 watts. The 3,000-watt inverter is enough to run an induction top and both AC units without any struggle.

One dedicated 90-meter tank is present on the caravan to ensure you have more than enough fresh water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. A river lift pump and a UV filter also offer extra convenience. The quality suspension system also allows the caravan to tackle bumpy roads with ease without the entire cabin shaking and vibrating.

Kedron 26ft TE’7

The Kedron 26ft TE’7 is one of the most expensive caravans with a price tag of $250,000. It’s built with six-disc brakes and has a new truck air brake system. Drivers will appreciate the 500 liter-plus water carrying capacity, along with the four different picnic tables it offers. Heated lounge seats contribute to the high level of comfort in the caravan for all passengers.

The caravan is also unique because of its solar front window awning, roof insulation, and a chilled water tap.

By discovering what the top caravans in the world offer to consumers, you can learn more about what features are available and how you can feel more accommodated when you’re spending time traveling. The high price tags of each caravan prove that there’s no limit to what you can purchase when it comes to your next set of wheels.

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