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Motorhomes vs. Travel Trailers: Which Should you Buy?

Motorhomes vs. Travel Trailers: Which Should you Buy?

When it comes to living on the road, you’ve got many ways to do so. You could opt for a motorhome, but you could also get a travel trailer. It can be hard to decide sometimes, but the following should make things easier for you.

One thing you should know is that a motorhome will likely be more expensive than a trailer. This doesn’t mean you won’t find pricey travel trailers, but motorhomes will usually cost more.

Of course, you could buy a used motorhome to save some money. If you aren’t sure just yet, you could rent them both to see which one you like best.

The Gas

The other thing you have to consider is the gas expense. Motorhomes use diesel fuel, and that’s something many people don’t know about these vehicles.

Diesel prices may not be something you pay much attention to, but the fuel is usually not too expensive. You should expect about 15 miles per gallon. The trailer is hooked to your vehicle, so if your vehicle is good on gas, then that’s all you have to worry about.

The Insurance

Insurance companies are going to charge more if the vehicle is bigger. That’s simply how things are, so that’s something you have to keep in mind. After investing so much in these vehicles, you’ll want full coverage, so you can’t escape this cost.

A motor home will likely cost more than a trailer. You could check with different insurance companies to see if you could find a good deal though.


Depreciation is something you have to worry about, especially when buying new. The reality is they will both depreciate the moment you take them off the lot. You can prevent excessive depreciation if you buy a used camper that will retain its value.

You should know that the trailer takes a little longer to depreciate. This is mostly because it doesn’t have a motor, but a motorhome generally sells faster.


Maintenance is the next big thing you want to keep in mind before making a decision. You can probably guess that the motorhome costs more to repair than the trailer, but they both require maintenance.

Both have a lot of working parts and appliances that need attention. Still, you have more than just appliances to worry about with the motorhome; you also have to worry about the car parts. The motorhome may be more useful, but it comes with a few more issues.

Type of Traveling

You need to think about the kind of traveler you are. If you normally go to a place and stay there for a while, then a travel trailer should work just fine.

If you like to stop and have access to everything, then a motorhome may be your best option. Your home is wherever you stop the motorhome, whereas a trailer needs a stationary location. This is mostly because find a spot for a trailer isn’t easy and requires a certain amount of space. If you don’t plan things out, finding a place to park your trailer can be difficult.


Accessibility is the other thing you have to keep in mind. While traveling, you or your family won’t have access to your kitchen or other things in the trailer. That may be okay unless you prefer to travel with more access.

Traveling in a motorhome gives the passengers access to everything. If your partner or one of your kids wants to make a sandwich, they can do so. This is part of the fun of driving around with full access to your mobile home.


Space is a big deal. Both options offer various sizes to fit your needs, but one of them is going to feel bigger than the other.

There’s no way around this one. If you want more space, then you should get a large trailer. Motorhomes are great. They give you a lot of luxuries, but they feel small in comparison to a large travel trailer. Those with a bigger family might want to go with the trailer instead of the motorhome, which is better for smaller families.

You now know a bit more about your choices. As mentioned earlier, you can rent both of these to see which one works for you. This will give them both a shot to impress you. You must be sure about your purchase because this is a pretty big investment.

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